In an extraordinary and viral moment, a Michigan man appeared for his Zoom court hearing regarding a suspended driver’s license while driving his car. The incident occurred during a session with Judge Cedric Simpson, who was visibly shocked upon realizing the defendant, Corey Harris, was behind the wheel during the hearing.

The video, widely circulated on social media, captures Judge Simpson’s immediate reaction, “Are you driving right now?” Harris nonchalantly confirmed, prompting the judge to sternly order him to stop the vehicle and park. Judge Simpson then revoked Harris’s bond and instructed him to turn himself in within a few hours. This situation has sparked a mix of outrage and amusement online, as viewers react to the audacity and lack of judgment displayed by Harris​ (TikTok)​​ (BET)​.


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What do you think about this surprising court appearance? Should there be stricter regulations for virtual court sessions to prevent such incidents? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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